About Us

About The Brand

Inspired by traditional recipes and Ayurveda, Alpha Essenticals is a 25-year-old name fortified with a modern approach.

Alpha Essenticals propagates the living of one’s life close to Mother Nature. Serving her, and reaping while cherishing the benefits of all it has to offer. In today’s age of ‘instant gratification’, we are heavily inclined towards faster coping mechanisms. However, the most imperative fact to consider here is that the gestation period of humans, as well as the growing stage, are not instant and can never be considered so. Hence, a meaningful fast-paced life is a rare form of survival, that not many can cope up with. Instead, what we need is to live our lives close to its creator and close to the essence of Mother Nature. Our product range comprises authentic and purely organic essential oils, skin, hair, and wellness products, which are carefully researched and curated specifically to have a therapeutic healing effect on the mind, body, and soul. Each of our products is made using a fusion of traditional methods and modern technology to ensure purity and supremacy as a foremost factor, without compromising the essence of nature.

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About Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing facility is one of its kind with world-class, pharmaceutical grade production standards. It comprises of an advanced research team with a highly sophisticated laboratory, which ensures that we deliver the best of products. Moreover, we are morally conscious about our responsibilities towards the environment and ecosystem, and our production & manufacturing processes follow the same patterns.

Organic 100%
Chemical Free 100%
Parabens Free 100%


Our products are certified as 100% organic and cruelty free by deemed organizations like FDA Maharashtra, FSSAI, ISO, GMP, QRO and UKcert.

You can trust us to deliver safe and natural products for a personalised and unique experience. We strongly conform to the highest quality control standards.


About the Team

Back to the roots with a tint of modernisation

A husband and wife power couple, Mr. & Mrs. Mahajan, are all set to take the herbal beauty industry by storm with their all-natural quality products. Their dream to create superior products for us has only become a reality with hard work, determination, and passion. An idea to create safer and cleaner products started from a small setup in their home which has now grown leaps and bounds in just the span of a few years. This, by itself, is a testimony to the phenomenal response that has been received in such a short span of time.

Mr. & Mrs.Mahajan firmly believe that our age-old wisdom and traditions need to be revived, since that is where all the magic lies. Chemical-laden products in today's world can give you instant results, but the outcomes are short-lived. Their effects on the skin as well as on the environment are permanent and potentially highly damaging in the long run.