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Alopecia…. Baldness…. Hair Fall… Dryness…. Dandruff…. Itching…..

Common hair problem of every household in India and across the globe.

Problems worsened due a rise in city pollution, bad lifestyle habits, unpure ingredients in the food

Our forefathers enjoyed the healthy hair till the 90s and now even a 20 year old is suffering from hair health issues.

Therefore, we brought this age-old Ayurvedic elixir free of any chemicals sulphates or parabens.

Our hair oil is the perfect solution for all your hair woes (over and above a healthy lifestyle).

Alpha hair oil is a perfect mix of pure cold pressed oils like coconut, castor, mustard and almond. These oils are further infused with special herbs like bhrami (strengthening the hair follicles for growth and blood circulation), Bhringraj (for growth and premature greying), Nagarmotha (helps clear dandruff and cleans the scalp of all dirt and dust), Jaswand (rich in vitamin C), amla ( cures dry and damaged hair) and Aloe vera( repairs dead skin cells and softens the hair).

Besides these regular kitchen ingredients like Methi seeds and curry leaves increase the effectiveness of this oil.

The specialty of this oil recipe is that it has the wisdom of our forefathers of over 150 years.

Each oil is infused with a specific herb, for a specific number of days and at a specific temperature to increase its effectiveness.

This recipe is a handed over since generations and has never failed to prove its magic. The use of this oil has enabled new hair growth even in people over 50 years of age.

This oil promotes hair health by strengthening the roots, reducing dryness and improves texture with regular use.

For lucky few with no hair issues, it can act as a cost effective maintenance ritual to keep enjoying the tresses for long.

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