Questionnaire for Hair Oil


A brief about your product (one or two lines)

ALPHA ESSENTICALS hair oil is a one stop solution for all hair problems and also acts prevention for future hair problems.

Also provide maximum information about the product.

We at ALPHA ESSENTICALS manufacture this magical hair oil, which is based on a over 150year old recipe that is a hand down over generations and generations.

It uses a mix of pure cold pressed oils like coconut, mustard, castor and almond. These oils are further infused with various herbs that are soaked in oils at various temperatures. These herbs are mainly the Ayurvedic herbs like nagarmotha, bhringraj, bhrami, jaswand(hibiscus) and aloe vera. Various kitchen ingredients are used like onion, curry leaves, amla (indian gooseberry) and fenugreek seeds.

Uses of the various ingredients are:

Coconut oil– contains various fatty acids and lauric acid which nourish the scalp as well as the strands, it stimulates hair growth conditions and softens hair,

Mustard oil-a rich source of omega 3. It helps reduce inflammation, makes the roots stronger and hair thicker, its also known for its anti-bacterial properties against dandruff and scalp infections

Castor oil-helps with hair growth, treats alopecia, dry scalp and other scalp ailments, also conditions and nourishes

Almond oil-softens the hair, strengthens and repairs hair, promotes hair growth

Nagarmotha-helps with dandruff, dryness, calms the scalp, reverses the damage in the scalp.

Bhirngraj-makes the hair luscious, promotes blood circulation, helping hair growth, it is also well known for its antibacterial properties

Brahmi – strengthens hair follicles, helps thicken hair, cools the scalp, nourishes the roots, reduces hair fall

Jaswand-also known as hibiscus, stops hairfall, gives thickness and volume to hair, prevents split ends and premature greying, stops frizzy dry hair gives the hair a shiny healthy look

Aloe vera– cools the scalp nourishes dry and damaged hair, deep cleans and conditions, strengthens and repairs strands, promotes hair growth

Onion-gives strong thick hair, prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth, helps produce collagen keeping the hair healthy, helps kill lice and get rid of dandruff and other scalp infections.

Curry leaves– strengthens hair follicles, moisturizes the scalp helps keep the scalp healthy

Fenugreek seeds– conditions and moisturizes the hair, strengthens the roots and give lustre and bounce to your tresses.

Amla-strengthens hair, helps with premature greying, gets rid of dandruff, lice and infections.

What is the expiry of hair oil if any?

This oil is at its best within 2years of its manufacturing date. It is advised to be stored away from moisture.

What are the size options available? 

Currently we are selling 100ml ,200 ml, 500 ml , 1 ltr , 2.5 ltrs each unit.

Is it an OTC product or RX?

It is an OTC product. 

Who is your competitor? How do their product USPs compare to ours?

In spite of various brands available in the market, we firmly believe that our product is far superior.

Their USP however could be a larger market presence due to better reach and means of publicity. We, as a brand are currently operating through word of mouth publicity only. However, considering the large response rate, we are now planning o grow further and exploring various online promotions. 

Could you give us a sense of the online vs offline sales % split. 

In the current scenario 100% sales are online.

Pre lockdown it was 80% online, 20% through exhibitions.

Which geographies is the product currently available in? Which new locations would you like to make it popular through the online strategy?

Currently we are shipping all over India.

Would definitely like to explore international markets, more at the following countries- UAE, US, UK and Australia.

Target Audience

1.  Who is your target audience?

Describe your target audience in brief along with their gender, age, occupation etc

Hair loss impacts millions of people across the globe. Today’s general health and lifestyle are the biggest contributors to hair problems. Almost 90% of the people are either facing hair problems or want to work towards enhancing their hair growth and quality further. We cater to this wide spread audience.

Our past records have proven that this oil has benefitted all, irrespective of age, gender, occupation, etc. It is suitable across all age groups, including infants to 99+ years of age.

Awareness in men these days is also on a rise, specially in age group 35+.For women, the age group varies right from teenagers to elderly.

2. Does a doctor’s recommendation/prescription/approval play a role in influencing the audience?

Quite a few dermatologists are currently recommending our product. However they are unable to prescribe due to no FDA certifications. It is sold more as a beauty product.

3. What % of the strategy should focus on cancer patients.

This oil would do good to cancer patients also. Approximately20% of the strategy should focus on this segment

 4. Could you share a few more details on this audience and when they feel the need for the product?

Chemotherapy in cancer patients results in hair loss to a arge extent. Our oil helps in faster and denser hair growth. In fact we suggest immediate use of this oil even before the chemotherapy or hair fall begins, since it will give faster and better results. Since it is absolutely natural without any chemicals, it can be safely used without worrying about any side effects.

 5. Please list down the online stores the products are available on

 Out products are listed and sold through 

 6. Who would be listing the products on these online stores / websites?

Our products are currently listed exclusively on our own website We are open to tie-ups with stores that promote natural and authentic products. We are very selective on this, and in the past have refused certain offers where the websites were promoting some unethical brands. Since our brand is completely natural we do not want to share a platform with brands that use harmful chemicals.

7. Please list down the key retail stores the products are available in India

We are available online on Amazon, Flipkart, shopclues and also on our website  for online payment.